Rapallo, what to see

Rapallo: 5 Things you must absolutely see

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Rapallo: 5 Things you must absolutely see

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Drone picture by Salvatore Castiglione – From the Facebook Group

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If you are ready, let’s start with the 5 things to see absolutely in Rapallo!

1️⃣ Rapallo: Vittorio Veneto waterfront

You might be thinking: well in a seaside resort, the first thing to see is the waterfront, of course. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

But – In the case of Rapallo – the value is double.

Lungomare di Rapallo
Rapallo waterfront – Photo by Monica Patanè, dal Gruppo Facebook

First: this certainly is the beautiful, pulsating and joyful part of the city, with shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. Just see the photo ☝ above, to get a little taste of it.

Second, because many of the historical-tourist-cultural attractions, are all located right in the seafront.

It begins in the “west” with the Hannibal Bridge. In Corso Cristoforo Colombo, there’s an ancient stone bridge with a single arch, called the “Hannibal Bridge”. The legend, told that once, Hannibal himself crossed it.

Ponte di Annibale Rapallo
Hannibal Bridge – Photo by Florece Leca, from the Facebook Group

Continue with the Porta delle Saline, the last of the ancient city gates, which has remained standing up to the present day, to reach halfway, just in front of the Music Kiosk .

The Rapalloese people, who emigrated to Chile, wanted to give their hometown a suitable venue for music concerts. Many families transplanted in South America, united, opened a subscription for its realization.

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Castello di Rapallo
Rapallo Castle – Photo from the Facebook Group

We arrive towards the end of the walk, where we find the symbol of Rapallo: the Castle .

It was built following the events of July 4, 1549, when Rapallo suffered the assault and sacking by the Turkish pirate, Dragut. They therefore decided to erect a castle, to defend Rapallo from any other attacks.

In later times, around 1600, when its defensive function ended, it was also used as a prison.

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2️⃣ Sanctuary of Montallegro

We move from the seaside to the heights of Rapallo, to tell you about the famous Sanctuary of Montallegro.

Rapallo, Santuario di Montallegro
Sanctuary of Montallegro

Its history of the Sanctuary, is linked to the Apparition of Mary, on 2 July 1557, to the farmer Giovanni Chichizola, who was returning from Rapallo to Canevale.

✨ In a flash of light, Maria appeared before his eyes.

In addition to the architectural beauty of the Sanctuary and the emotional importance for the citizens of Rapallo – NS di Montallegro is the patron saint of the city – the very dominant position on the Gulf of Tigullio strikes all visitors. 😍

Amazing view from Montallegro

As you can see from the photo, the view from here is wonderful, both on the western – and on the eastern side.

Another peculiarity – indeed uniqueness – is that the sanctuary (as well as through paths and obviously the carriage road) can be reached by cable car.

Rapallo funivia Montallegro
Prima e dopo della Funivia – In collaboration with Rapallo in Cartolina

This is the last plant, still functioning in all of Liguria. If you don’t suffer from height, we advise you to try it!

3️⃣ Valle Christi Monastery

Also in this case, we move slightly outside the seaside, more precisely to San Massimo (don’t worry, it’s right near the motorway exit)

Monastero di Valle Christi a Rapallo
Valle Christi – Photo by Marilì Canessa from the Facebook Group

Here is the Valle Christi Monastery, built in 1204, (in today’s hamlet of Santa Maria del Campo), at the behest of two Genoese noblewomen: Altilia Malfanti and her sister Tibia.

Rapallo, Monastero Valle Christi
Valle Christi Monastery – Photo by Maurizio de Mattei, from the Facebook Group

In addition to the sacredness and beauty of the place – with a very fairytale-like appearance and an Anglo – Saxon-like touch – the Monastery is famous for a 📜 legend.

This story is a little… how to say, 😢 raw.

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4️⃣ San Michele di Pagana in Rapallo

San Michele di Pagana, is ideally located halfway between the municipalities of Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo. However, it is part of the Municipality of Rapallo, from whose center it’s less than two kilometres away.

Special features: the locality of San Michele di Pagana, is officially recognized by the municipal authority as the Sestiere of the City of Rapallo.

Sestiere, is the historic medieval division of the town. We can say it’s an ancient definition of Neighborhood

The maritime coast, is divided into three small bays: Pomaro, Trelo (or Travello ) and Prelo. Each one, enclosed in the classic and typical Ligurian village: few houses, tall, narrow and by the sea.

San Michele di Pagana, Rapallo
San Michele di Pagana – Photo by Teresa Frontera, from the Facebook Group

First of all, you absolutely have to see the beach. San Michele is a well-known seaside resort in the summer, but also a splendid beach out of season, used at meeting place for families.

Definitely worth seeing, is the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, located in the “upper” side of San Michele, that dominates the Gulf below. Inside, there are important paintings, including a Deposition by Antoon Van Dyck. 

San Michele di Pagana

To divide the two coves of Trelo and Prelo, going down the steps from the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, there is a small municipal park – called Parco delle Rimembranze – dedicated to the memory of the Rapallo soldiers, died and lost in the two world wars.

5️⃣ Rapallo, from the Castle and beyond..

In the first point, speaking about the seafront, we talked about the Rapallo Castle. Well, let’s continue the walk, towards Zoagli (so to speak), leaving the Castle just behind you.

Villa Porticciolo a Rapallo
Villa Porticciolo – Photo by Andrea Arreghini, from the Facebook Group

Along this wonderful stretch, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful points of Rapallo.

Rapallo, Villa Tigullio e Parco di Villa Tigullio
Parco e Villa Tigullio – Photo by Ayman Kamel, from the Gruppo Facebook

You will arrive at Villa Porticciolo, Villa Tigullio – seat of the Lace Museum and the municipal library – and finally at the Casale Park, where also a minigolf court is waiting for you.

This is one truly of the most beautiful areas of Rapallo. At the same time, they are small oases of beauty, just one step from the sea.