Portofino songs

Portofino songs: the very TOP FIVE list!

Portofino songs: the very TOP FIVE list!

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Top 5 Portofino songs… You Absolutely Must Know!

We all love beautiful music! 🎼

Music accompanies us in the happiest and most important moments of our lives. Music helps us, even in sad moments.

And..what about our wonderful Portofino? The beautiful “ Diva ”.

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Portofino, piazzetta di Portofino
Portofino’s Piazzetta – Picture by Lolla Pensa, from our Gruppo Facebook

So, let’s combine two beautiful things: music and Portofino!

We tell you the 5 “most famous Portofino songs” with the title “Portofino”.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

Portofino songs: TOP 5

1️⃣ Fred Buscaglione – Love in Portofino

First place for “ Love In Portofino “, a 1958 song, written by Leo Chiosso and Fred Buscaglione.

This song, was first interpreted by the author, Fred Buscaglione himself. Few times later, during 1958, the song was performed by Johnny Dorelli, with much more success. It was a more sentimental version compared to the original.

Both – Buscaglione’s and Dorelli’s version, tentered the charts of 1959, obtaining a great success, in terms of sales and popularity.

In the following years, Love in Portofino became a classic of Italian music. In recent years, the song is mainly known for Dalida’s – and later again – Andrea Bocelli’s cover.

2️⃣ Il Pagante – Portofino

Second place: the song produced by the Italian duo DJs Merk & Kremont.

It’s a kind of ironical/satirical/disco song, with an interpretation of some personalities, like: Flavio Briatore, Leonardo Di Caprio (many scenes are similar to The Wolf of Wall Street ) and Dalida’s “Love in Portofino“.

The video clip, was made with the collaboration of the Coast Guard, the Marina Militare and the City of Portofino. Song published on 1st July 2020 .

3️⃣ Zhanna Friske – Portofino (Портофино) 

Third step of the podium, for the Russian song Portofino, by Zhanna Friske, released in 2009. This song was quite successful in Russia.

⚠ Attention: this “famous Portofino’s song” has enormous merit. It was really a great advertisement for Portofino (and Italy) in Russia, making it known to a huge audience.

Zhanna Friske, (for those unfamiliar with her) achieved a fair international reputation, thanks to the Russian colossals ” The Watchmen of the Night ” and ” The Watchmen of the Day “. Unfortunately, she died in June 2015, at the age of 40, for a tumor.

The text goes something like this: “I’m tired of clouds and rain, I would like to go away and not think about anything, I need to take some time for myself, not see this city, take the car, walk the streets serpentine to the sea, see you in Portofino, it’s beautiful, see you in Portofino”

✔ Attention number 2: There is no trace of Portofino among the images on the videoclip. Anyway: men, you’ll love this video! 🔞

4️⃣ Meon Machere & Kay one feat Tilly – Portofino

Disco song, released in 2019. It’s called “Portofino “. Even here, there is no trace of Portofino in the images. It would seem more in honor of the well-known Ferrari car model, than the country itself.

Anyway, it’s still a (quite) famous disco-song about Portofino!

Below, a small piece of the song 👇

🎶 The horizon is purple, the taste of Costa Rica – Can’t you feel it too? – Passing through the New York skyline – All over the world, mi amor – Nobody can stop us – Babe, let’s go to Portofino – supporting my dress in Valentino – baby, my Amigo is tonight (tonight) – Come on, let’s start right here
From LA to Puerto Rico – Come on, I go up, show me every city (every city) – Ferrari Portofino

5️⃣ Raymond Scott – Portofino songs

This famous “song” about Portofino, is surely the most particular on the list. About the music – created with electronics – we don’t express ourselves. We leave you the suspance.. 😁

On the other side, we need to talk for a moment about Raymond Scott.

Scott, was an American composer, musician and inventor. He’s remembered by music lovers, as a brilliant pianist, jazz ensemble director and above all, as the author of the most successful soundtracks. Particularly, Warner Bros cartoons.

➡ This song was produced in 1962, in many different arrangements.

Recently, it was re-used as a soundtrack, in the television series Narcos (produced by Netflix), and in a Gucci advertising campaign.

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