Tigullio most Instagrammable Places: our Top 5

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Tigullio’s and photography fans, keen photographers, selfie lovers, instagrammers, and the list goes on…

✅ Before starting the reading, below, we put some really interesting things about the Tigullio Gulf. Take a look! 😉

Roll up! We have just the thing: our latest top 5 selection of ideal places to take pictures in Tigullio.

Tons of likes are guaranteed!

The choice was more complex than expected, because Tigullio really seems made for Instagram!

Step by step, we finally came to the latest selection of the most beautiful 5 locations. These are la crème de la crème places for great pictures.

Ready? Set, go! 👇

1️⃣ Tigullio: Portofino, the Path to the Lighhouse

The 🥇 first position is quite predictably taken by Portofino. From the Piazzetta (the small square), a nice path called Salita San Giorgio begins, taking to Saint George’s Church then to Castello Brown, ending up at Portofino’s Lighthouse.

Portofino piazzetta
Photo from our Instagram Official Profile-Re_post@mane_wood

This one, in particular, has been chosen by us as the par excellence location.

If you look at the picture 👆 of the village taken from here, you will understand what we are talking about: be ready to take out your cameras any moment, every angle is the right one!

2️⃣ Sestri Levante, seen from the beach

🥈 Second comes the beach of Sestri Levante. We won’t add anything else because there is no need to. The picture we have taken from the many available tells it all.

It is an authentic dream place. Smartphones and cameras always need to be on.

Baia del Silenzio Sestri Levante
Dawn on the beach, picture by Barbara Polenzani – from our Facebook Group

Just go to whatever spot on the beach, anytime, anyway the weather is: your photos will always be astonishing.

The second place is definitely deserved here, not to say it is too little…

3️⃣ Rocche di Sant’Anna

🥉 Ranked third …once more Sestri Levante, just as above.

For us, this is even the most suggestive place in all Tigullio. It may be that we are being partial, but the view you can enjoy sitting on this bench is the most beautiful in the world.

Rocche di Sant'Anna, Sestri Levante
Rocche di Sant’Anna – Picture by Claudio Fasce from our Facebook Group

This location and its allure are just the most suggestive, and there is much to take pictures of: the sea, the cliffs, the bench, the coast, all the cities stretching on the east side, and the Gulf on the west side.

⚠ Warning: it may cause addiction! 😉

4️⃣ The view on Tigullio and Rapallo, from Montallegro

For the 🏅 fourth position, we need to move above Rapallo. In particular, to the Montallegro district at about 1968 ft above sea level.

Here too, it is an embarrassment of riches: on the east side, you can take pictures of Zoagli and Chiavari, whereas on the west side you can enjoy the amazing view of Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure, and the entire Hill of Portofino.

This Sanctuary is an actual work of art.

Zoom on the small ports of Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure

We have taken the picture zooming average on a quite changeable day. Professionals too can really have a good time up here. We really recommend this place. Also, it is reachable by cable railway!

5️⃣ Chiavari and Lavagna, from Le Grazie – downwards

We move now to Chiavari, more precisely along the Via Aurelia (Aurelian Way) near to the church Chiesa delle Grazie.

There are at least two or three panoramic spots where you can take fantastic photos. We stopped right at the lay bay going downwards after the tunnel.

Le grazie, Chiavari - Tigullio
The view on Chiavari and Lavagna from Le Grazie  

Taking photos of Chiavari and Lavagna is not as easy as for the other cities on the coastline. And the choice in this case was not that simple, indeed: we were also considering the Hill of Santa Giulia, another fantastic spot.

As you can see, the view from here is just 🤩 incredible!

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