Chryst of the abyss

Christ of the Abyss – Tigullio’s treasures

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Christ of the Abyss – Tigullio’s treasures

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The Christ of the Abyss is the main attraction in San Fruttuoso di Camogli.

This statue can be seen just before the beach at a depth of approximately 55 feet below the water surface.

Here we will share with you some information about the very famous Cristo degli Abissi (in Italian) a bronze work of art by Guido Galletti, which is considered a real destination for under and above-water pilgrimage.

It is one of the treasures in the Portofino Marine Reserve, the authority preserving the waters and the seabed before the Portofino Regional Natural Park.

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Where did this idea come from?

The idea of this marine sanctuary came from Duilio Marcante who is considered the father of the Italian Underwater Diving Education.
Marcante was struck by the death of his colleague and friend Dario Gonzatti, during a dive with an oxygen re-breather in 1947 and proposed to create a statue in his honor. 🎖

The Christ of the Abyss crafted by Galletti has his arms reaching up to the sky, or better the water surface.
Not only is he merciful, but also majestic: His figure is approximately eight and a half feet tall.

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Bells, medals, and even propellers were some of the objects fused providing the materials to create the bronze alloy which the statue is made of.

The Christ of the Abyss: Dates

  • The statue was placed on the bay seabed by the Italian Navy on the 29th of August 1954.
  • After being mutilated by an anchor and repeated calls for its state of conservation, the statue was taken back on the dry land, to undergo restoration in 2003.
  • After one year in 2004, it was returned to its proper place on the seabed of San Fruttuoso Bay, after being completely restored.

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San Fruttuoso di Camogli, Cristo degli Abissi
The crystal-clear water in front of the Abbey – Picture by Ivana Parmigiani from our Facebook Group

Christ of the Abyss: How to see it

It is possible to admire the Christ of the Abyss during a 🥽 diving guided visit or by going with the local fishermen.

They can show you the statue from their boats, through a device to spot octopuses underneath
the surface.
Otherwise, a copy of the statue is on display in the right aisle of San Fruttuoso Abbey.

The fame and beauty of this work of art are such, that other examples were created after it. One in the Palù Lake (Val Malenco, Lombardy) and on the quay of St. George’s Port on Grenada’s Island (Caribbean Sea).

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