Recco Camogli path – Complete trail

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Recco Camogli path – Complete trail

✅ Before starting with the Recco Camogli walk path, we put here below some really interesting links. Have a look! 😉

Recco Camogli path – Complete trail

We take you to the discovery of a wonderful path, about 1.5 kilometers long, ideal for a relaxing walk or for jogging.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli
Recco Camogli path – Trail on Google Maps

It’s almost entirely flat, except for some slight ups and downs (at the beginning), all on the sidewalk and, at a leisurely pace, can be completed in about twenty minutes. Half an hour, maximum.

It is suitable for everyone and there are some benches to rest on, located in the strategical viewpoints.

Why take this Walk?

There are so many reasons to take the Recco Camogli Walk.

First of all, without any doubt, the beauty of the place: the view is INCREDIBLE. 😍

Camogli, porto di Camogli
What a view arriving in Camogli! Amazing!

Walking is good and healty, we know. In Liguria, it may be a necessity. If you have to reach Camogli, especially on weekends and in summer, we recommend you: do it on foot, or by public transport (bus, train or boat).

Parking in Camogli is almost impossible. So, if you don’t mind walking, leave your car in Recco and continue on foot.

Recco Camogli Walk: departure from the Recco seafront.

We reach the seafront of Recco: in front of us we find the large sandy beach (photo 👇 below), in summer full of swimmers – in winter, a destination for many young passionate surfers.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, lungomare di Recco
Recco beach, in a sunny winter day

We are in the “east” part of the seafront. Here, we find the gardens above the silo boat, called Belvedere Tenco, in memory of the Italian late singer Luigi Tenco.

Instead, we remain on the left of the gardens, where we find the Post Office. Past this, you will see a staircase – hidden the trees, at your left (photo 👇 below).

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, scalinata San Michele
Take this staircase, called “Salita San Michele”

Take and follow this staircase, called the San Michele climb, like the church above.

  • They are very few steps and easy. If you don’t like (or you can’t) do it, you can go upside, via the sidewalk that starts from the traffic “Rotonda” for Camogli. It’s just 100 meters back.
Passeggiata Recco Camogli, veduta
Stunning view on Recco, from the Church of San Michele

This 👆 is the splendid view we have from the Church of San Michele.

The Oratory of the Devotees of San Michele houses the Crucifix of the Whites, venerated as a miraculous effigy and crowned in 1898.

◾ We’re arrived on the sidewalk of the carriage road to Camogli (via Romagneno). We’re ready to start the real Recco Camogli Walk.

The real Walk begins!

We begin the journey, leaving behind us the church of San Michele and the church of San Francesco (photo 👇 below), walking on the sidewalk, that runs along the road.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, inizio del percorso
Let’s start walking on the sidewalk along the road

The first section is slightly uphill, for the first 300 meters: don’t worry, nothing difficult. The sidewalk here is quite small.

We recommend you to walk in single file, keeping an eye on the cars passing by your side.

After a few curves, passing some splendid flowery gates and some glimpses of the sea, we arrive at the end of the climb. Here begins a short straight downhill, which overlooks the railway.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli
Bye Bye Recco: we’re officially in Camogli!

We are now at the end of the straight (photo 👆 above): we say goodbye to Recco and we “officially” enter Camogli.

On your right, in the curve, you will find a supermarket with a large square. If you want to “save a few meters walking” you can go through the parking square.

We continue and we pass the Camogli cemetery, unfortunately known for the collapse of a part of it, in march 2021.

We finally arrive at the first Belvedere (photo below)

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, Belvedere Gente di Mare
Panoramic point: Belvedere Gente di Mare

It is a small square – Belvedere Gente di Mare – with some benches, comfortable for resting, with a wonderful view, over the whole Liguria. 😍

After the usual photos – to be done absolutely! – we continue slightly downhill, passing – on your left – a great yellow building, that houses the Retirement Home for Marittimi G. BETTOLO.

We finally arrive at the TRAFFIC LIGHT for Camogli, which delimits the limited traffic area (photo 👇 below) of the city.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, semaforo di Camogli
ZTL of Camogli – let’s continue walking on the right side, down to Camogli

✔ We continue on the sidewalk, and we enter the ZTL of Camogli.

▶ We give you two useful tips. Never enter by car, access is for residents only. For non-residents, the passage is on the left and then you can go down to the village, a little further on.

On foot, if you want, you can continue to the left, walking on the sidewalk, but you would go to lengthen the path, even if only slightly.

For this reason, we advise you to get off here, on the right side.

From the traffic light, we go down to Camogli

If so far the route has been beautiful, now it becomes incredible! 😍

After the first few meters between the houses, in ancient Genoese style, we begin to see Camogli, in all its magnificence.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, Camogli

Immediately, a first glimpse of the marina and the pier that borders it. Here too, a shot is a must!

In a few meters, we reach the second panoramic point, with some benches positioned almost overhanging, “right above” the port.

Just stop for a few minutes, to admire the show. (On the opposite side, you will also find a small playground for children, complete with a slide and a swing)

Recco Camogli path – Last part of the walk.

Right after the lookout, there are some steps on the left. Take them and walk this short downhill stretch – called Via al Porto.

If you have children or strollers – and you don’t want take the stairs – continue without going down the stairs. After a few meters, you can also reach the port.

We tell you the shortest way.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, Camogli - via al Porto
Let’s go down in “Via al Porto” stairs

After these short stairs, you are practically there.

Here, you can take a very small flight of stairs to your left, which leaves you on the final part of the descent (you’ll find also the public toilets).

If you continue straight, you will arrive a little further on, right in the center of the Camogli marina, between the tables of the bars and the moored boats.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, porticciolo di Camogli

What to see in Camogli – Return

There’re so many things you can see in Camogli.

You can find them all here, among the 5 THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE in the village. It is our complete guide.

If you want to go back, towards Recco, you can do the same path backwards or, why not, also take the bus or the boat.

It is a short boat ride, but it is really worth trying it, at least once! You will thank us .. 😉

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