Santa Margherita Ligure, what to see

Santa Margherita Ligure: 5 Things to see absolutely

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Welcome to our guide to the wonderful Santa Margherita Ligure!

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Here you will find the 5 things that you absolutely must see in the Santa Margherita Ligure, “pearl of Tigullio”

the name by which the town was called, since the 1960s, as evidence of its beauty.

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Santa Margherita Ligure
Santa Margherita Ligure – Photo by Salvatore Castiglione, from our Gruppo Facebook

How to arrive in Santa Margherita Ligure?

Getting to Santa Margherita Ligure is very simple, by train, getting off at the city station, or by car, exiting at the Rapallo motorway tollbooth.
The difficult thing is to park, especially in summer. In addition, the hourly rates (in all locations in Tigullio) are 💰 quite expensive .

Let’s start with the 5 Things you must see in Santa Margherita Ligure!

1️⃣ The Historic Center

First of all the historic center of the town, for two reasons.
The first
reason is a visit to its sacred places, rich in history, works of art, paintings and statues.

Among these, you will find the wonderful Cathedral of the Madonna della Rosa, right in the central square of the town, with a wonderful square in risseu outside.

We also mention the Church of San Giacomo di Corte, the Church of San Siro, the Church of the Capuchin Friars, the Oratory of Our Lady of the Addolorata and the Oratory of the Madonna del Suffragio. They are all easily reachable walking in few minutes, from the center.

Santa Margherita Ligure, Basilica

The second reason to have a walk in the center, beyond the windows of the designer shops, bakeries, restaurants, bars, pastry shops and ice cream parlors, are.. the buildings.

Santa Margherita Ligure, portici
Arcades in Santa Margherita Ligure – Photo by Monica Patanè, from our Gruppo Facebook

The facades of the palaces (and the arcades, photo above) of Santa Margherita Ligure are famous all over the world, for their beauty in their Genoese-style designs. They are even mentioned in art books and especially school for many facade artists, who studied and applied their knowledge here, in the field.