Paraggi Bay

Paraggi: 3 things you need to know about Paraggi Bay

Along the way connecting Santa Margherita Ligure to the amazing Portofino, you can find the wonderful Bay of Paraggi.

Paraggi Bay is a must see place, known all over the world for its beauty, its beautiful beaches and its renowned attractions.

➡ We will tell you 3 things you (absolutely) need to know about this authentic dream location!

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1- Origin

Paraggi was once inhabited by fishermen’s and miller’s families.

It is a pleasant village, and its old town makes it worth a visit. There, the palaces have overall maintained their antique structure.

The name “Paraggi” derives from the word “paraxi” which means “the palaces” in the ancient Ligurian dialect.

Baia di Paraggi
Paraggi’s wonderful sea – Picture by Alessandra Frumento, from our Gruppo Facebook

2 – Acqua Blu 

this village is characterized by the presence of restaurants, boarding houses, hotels, and a famous Club, “Le Carillon”, where international stars sang in the past.

The actual characteristic feature of the Bay is the beauty of its sea which owes the blue color of the water to the prevalently sandy seafloor.

Here you can find some suggestive private beaches (Bagni Fiore and Bagni Bosetti) and several free access points for bathing.

Baia di Paraggi
Paraggi Bay (view from top) – Picture by Laura Accinelli on our  Gruppo Facebook

3 – The Castle

In 1626 a castle was built on the East side of the promontory, probably on the base of a previous building.

It had the function to defend and control the coast.

This castle is in the same line of view as Portofino’s Castle and other forts located along the coastline.

The building is now private and was renovated many times until it got its current “Gothic” appearance.

The house, is (mistakenly) known to the chronicles for being the “Berlusconi’s Villa”, former Prime Minister of Italy.

We say mistakenly, beacause the real name is Villa Bonomi Bolchini, while Berlusconi’s family just live inside the castle, paying rent.