Walk of Kisses Portofino

Walk of Kisses – The complete (updated) path

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Walk of Kisses – The complete (updated) path

✅ Before starting with the reading, we will put you some really interesting links, both on Portofino and on Paraggi. Have a look!😉

Walk of kisses: the most beautiful route in Liguria

We take you to the discovery of a dream path, about 2 kilometres long, ideal both for a relaxing walk and for those who love jogging, with a stunning view. 😍

It’s an easy path – with some steps – above the driveway and you complete it in about 20/25 minutes, at a normal pace.

Passeggiata dei Baci cartina
The walking map, from Paraggi to Portofino

It’s suitable for everyone, we often even see strollers; there are many benches and places to rest. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes: it’s still a path.

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Walk of Kisses: what is it?

The “Walk of kisses” (Passeggiata dei Baci in Italian) is a pedestrian path, which connects Paraggi to Portofino, overlooking the main driveway.

It is a succession of (simple) ups and downs, overlooking the sea and leads you to discover the most beautiful corners of ​​Tigullio.

Passeggiata dei Baci
The symbol of the “walk of kisses” You’ll find it many times along the path

The beauty of the landscape and the view are absolutely stunning and incredible. There are no other words to describe them.

⚠ Warning: on the web, the “Walk of Kisses” is often mistakenly confused with the “Red Carpet”, which started from Rapallo. These are two different things.

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Why do the Kiss Walk?

Walking is always good for us and our wellness: we know it. In the nature, it’s even better!

Especially in the summer, prefer a nice walk (or public transport) rather than using the car to reach Paraggi and Portofino. You will save yourself from the stress for parking, however unobtainable in those periods.

Baia del Cannone Portofino
At the “Baia del Cannone” – Arriving in Portofino

The Walk of Kisses is certainly the best choice, even compared to walking along the coastal road, which in this section has NO sidewalk. In summer is very very busy.

Especially if you have children, the Walk of Kisses is much more suitable and safe.

Are you ready? Let’s start with the full path!

Walk of Kisses: departure from Paraggi up to Niasca

The Walk ok Kisses connects themselves Paraggi and Portofino, with some access points also along the way.

We will describe you the path starting from Paraggi > towards Portofino. You can do it, of course, in both directions.

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Sentiero dei Baci Portofino

To start the path, we must reach the famous restaurant in Paraggi called”Le Carillon”. We cross the street (photo 👆 above) and take the stairs in front of us.

✔ The route is marked by 3 RED DOTS 🔴🔴🔴 (placed in a triangle), which you will find painted many times on the stone walls .

Passeggiata dei Baci Portofino - Walk of kisses

The first part is uphill: we pass the stairs that “officially start” the route, passing under the arch (photo above 👆 on the left) and continue on the cobblestones, towards Portofino.

On your right, you will immediately find some benches – very coveted in summer for the splendid view over the Bay of Paraggi. The entire first stretch has a splendid view over the Bay of Paraggi.

Here, a photo is immediately a must! 📸

Passeggiata dei Baci, Paraggi

We continue for about 150 meters, when we arrive right above the Bay of Niasca. (photo 👇 below)

Here too, the view and the sea that you will see below you will leave you breathless!

Passeggiata dei Baci, Niasca - Walk of Kisses

If you want to “get off” the path and reach Niasca beach – with its emerald water – or if you simply want to take the bus, there is a ladder that is right for you, a little further on.

Second section: from the Bay of Niasca, Hermitage of Niasca to the Odero Castle (Villa Beatrice)

We leave Niasca below us, going slightly inside the Monte di Portofino, in a less sunny area.

A few minutes and we arrive at a small rest area, where we find a fountain to drink and refresh ourselves, a picnic area and a space for children. (Photo 👇 below left)

Passeggiata dei Baci, Eremo di Niasca

Let’s continue and after few meters, past a small bridge, we arrive at the deviation for the Hermitage of Sant’Antonio di Niasca (photo 👆 above right)

To go to the Hermitage, take the path on the right and after you’ll arrived in few minutes. Worth a visit, it has been recently restored. You will also find the Hermitage refreshment point.

Anyway, let’s continue on our main path.

Passeggiata dei Baci, sentiero - Walk of kisses

We go down slightly, just above the carriage road (photo 👆 above) with a splendid view of the Paraggi Castle. Here, you will also find another staircase that allows you to go down the street below.

Now the path starts to rise slightly again, between the green street lamps and the characteristic steel railing, in a nautical-like style, up to the Odero Castle. (Photo 👇 below)

Sentiero dei Baci-Walk of kisses

We have reached the middle of this beautiful walk.

Walk of Kisses: from Castello Odero to Portofino

From here on out, it completely changes the scenery in front of your eyes. If before the view was all over the splendid Bay of Paraggi, now let’s move on to the “view of Portofino”.

Before leaving, a photo of this magnificent building is a must – the Odero Castle, now Villa Beatrice, which dominates the Cannone Bay from above.

Castello Odero, Portofino, passeggiata dei baci

In this area, there are some benches where you can rest, sunbathe or stop and read the newspaper or a good book.

Even in winter, you will always find someone sitting in the ☀ sun.

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We continue downhill and arrive in the blink of an eye in front of the majestic gate of the Castle, located many meters below the building, located on the side of the driveway to the Hotel Splendido.

We go up the carriage road.

Passeggiata dei Baci Cartina-walk of kisses

Now, we have to walk a few meters up, on the carriage road.

We pass the little Piazzetta Vincent Ardissone and we continue until we find again our Walk of Kisse, few meters further on. You’ll see the entrance on the left, between the railing and some parking spaces (photo 👆 above).

Don’t worry, everything is well signposted, the signs and arrows are clearly visible.

Baia del Cannone, Villa Mondadori, Portofino

We are right “above” the Cannone Bay and the splendid Villa Valdameri Mondadori, immortalized by all tourists and famous all around the world.

And indeed, we really need a photo here. It is a truly unique sight!

We have practically arrived in Portofino.

This last part of the Passeggiata dei Baci gives us a breathtaking view of Portofino, the Porticciolo descent, the Church of San Giorgio and Castello Brown.

We continue downhill, skirting the walls of the splendid villas that we find at the entrance to the most beautiful village in the world, admiring the green of the surrounding vegetation.

Passeggiata dei Baci Portofino

The Walk of Kisses ends in front of the church of Divo Martino (photo 👆 above), unmistakable for its position “guarding” the entrance to Portofino, with its horizontal striped facade.

You will only have to cross the pedestrian crossing to go down to the village.

Sentiero dei Baci Portofino-Walk of Kisses

Before arriving at the church, there are 2 more points where you can get off on the main road. There are two ladders (Photo 👆 above) which are located about 80 meters before the church of Divo Martino.