Portofino Lighthouse hike

Portofino Lighthouse hike – Full Tutorial

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Portofino Lighthouse hike – Full Tutorial

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Portofino lighthouse hike – How to get to the wonderful Portofino lighthouse.

Let’s find out the incredible walk that leads to the Portofino lighthouse, one of the most beautiful spots in Liguria.

It is ideal for a relaxing walk, seeing incredible views and landscape.

Faro di Portofino, come arrivare al Faro di Portofino
The Portofino Lighthouse hike in yellow, view in Google Maps

It develops on a comfortable path – with some stepped sections – and is completed in about 25/30 minutes.

It is suitable for everyone because you walk well, but 75% of the route is uphill. We recommend you wearing comfortable shoes and taking it slow, if you are not particularly trained.

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How to get to the Portofino lighthouse and why see it?

The Portofino lighthouse has a guardian and cannot be visited. Then you might be thinking: why we have to see the Lighthouse, if you really can’t visit it?

Simple: for the absolutely unique and spectacular view from up here. Plus, with a little luck, it’s the perfect spot for dolphin and (more rarely) whale sightings.

Faro di Portofino
What a view arriving at the Lighthouse! – Photo di Paulo Jose da Silva, from our Gruppo Facebook

There are no other words to describe this place. You will realize this beauty with your own eyes.

The area is truly beautiful, with all the vegetation and rocks around it in a perfect harmony. Definitely, one of those places to see at least once in a lifetime!

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Before starting, some little advice

As we told you before, wear comfortable shoes: the path, despite being tiled, is still a bit of a trek uphill, only the last stretch is slightly downhill.

We also saw some strollers, picked up by fathers in the stretches of stairs. In our opinion, it is not the “ideal” route for strollers. Not at all..

Portofino, chiesa di San Giorgio
San Giorgio church – Photo from our Gruppo Facebook

Carry your camera with you 😉 especially at the beginning of the route, passing just above the Portofino Marina and at the final part, arriving at the Lighthouse.

Along the way, we also recommend a visit to the San Giorgio church and (when open) to Castello Brown.

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Are you ready? Let’s start with the full path!

Portofino Lighthouse hike: the start of our route is on the famous Piazzetta (Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta).

From the center of the Piazzetta, look to your RIGHT, among the houses, for the beginning of Salita San Giorgio, which you see in the photo below.

Faro di Portofino come arrivare
Portofino Lighthouse hike – the beginning of the trail in the “Piazzetta”

Instead of starting here, you can also continue on the Calata and, past the ferries pier, on the right, you’ll find a staircase that rejoins the path.

It is well signposted. But tell you the truth: we prefer to go through the Piazzetta.

Come arrivare al faro di Portofino - Portofino Lighthouse hike
Portofino Lighthouse trail – Here is the perfect spot to take an incredible Photo!

As you can see, the route is well signposted. So, we start by walking up the few stairs that lead us to the first obligatory stop.

We are immediately “above” the marina and therefore a photo is necessary. Also find to sit down and a free water dispenser.

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In front of you, you will see the imposing silhouette of Castello Brown, which we will reach shortly.

Having made the necessary photos, we continue uphill for about three hundred meters, when we arrive at a deviation on our path.

Faro di Portofino come arrivare, chiesa di San Giorgio
Let’s stay on the left and we continue for the Lighthouse – on the right, San Giorgio church

We arrive at the point you see here, in the photo 👆 above.

Continuing straight, we arrive at the splendid church of San Giorgio (patron saint of Portofino), which we absolutely recommend to visit, including the panorama on the open sea.

To get to the lighthouse, we must continue on the left.

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How to get to the Portofino lighthouse, second part

We resume our hike, and we walk the first few meters on the flat, continuing to have a splendid view of Portofino on our left.

Faro di Portofino percorso
What an incredible view on Portofino!

Let’s enjoy the view for a few seconds, because now the hardest part begins, which will leads us to Castello Brown.

It is very close, you will have it right in front of you.

In reality, we have to climb a few stairs and walk a nice uphill stretch, among the beautifully preserved walls and some wonderful villas.

Castello Brown Portofino
On the left, the entrance for Castello Brown. Let’s continue straight

In few minutes we finally arrive at the sign (photo 👆 above) that warns us of the presence of Castello Brown, one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Portofino.

You will find – on the wall, next to the entrance gate, the opening hours to the public. (5 Euro is the cost for the visit)

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Portofino Lighthouse hike – last part

Let’s continue uphill, passing Castello Brown and walking on our path, in some points slightly narrower, where the well-kept vegetation covers the walls, in an impeccable way.

On our left,we distinctly recognize the silhouette of the Odero Castle (Villa Beatrice), right in the air in front of us.

Spiaggia dell'Olivetta Portofino
Here, you can go down to the little Olivetta Beach. For the Lighthouse let’s follow indications “al Faro”

Few meters on a slight slope and we arrive at the point you see in the photo above. These are the steps to reach the small Olivetta beach.

To go down to Olivetta, you have to walk downhill for five minutes. The beach is small, but really nice: we recommend you to visit it.

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Let’s continue..

We continue straight on the main path. We have a last effort to make slightly uphill, we pass under two small arches and finally the view opens in front of us..

Down there, further on, we can see the unmistakable shape of the lighthouse.

Faro di Portofino come arrivare
Yes it is! It’ the Portofino lighthouse.. we’re almost arrived!

Here the atmosphere seems almost magical, rarefied, unique. It is a truly indescribable feeling: it seems to be almost in another place. It’s a kind of magic.

The short stretch that takes us to the Lighthouse is the most beautiful part of the route. Camera and smartphone always at your fingertips.

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We savor every moment, with the vegetation that surrounds us and the view of the sea below us, which fringes under the lighthouse, to the west.

It is a real spectacle of nature.

Faro di Portofino
Portofino lighthouse hike – here we are! What an incredible place!

As we told you, the Lighthouse cannot be visited. The lighthouse keeper has his own access on the small gate among the plants (photo 👆 above).

We’re arrived at our destination, our Lighthouse is right here in front of us.

Now, you have two options.

You can sit and rest on the rocks all around here, enjoy the view, relaxing and taking many beautiful photo. Or, you can continue to the lounge bar.

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Portofino lighthouse hike – enjoy the place!

You can go down the few stairs that end the path. A few more meters and we are in the panoramic square, where we find the lounge bar.

Sentiero Faro di Portofino
On this way, we arrive in few second at the Portofino Lighthouse lounge bar

You need to pass next to the building (photo 👆 above) to arrive in a small and splendid panoramic “square”, where there is a bar with outdoor tables.

You can enjoy a good coffee (we did it), ice cream or an aperitif, with a fantastic view of Portofino, the coast towards Santa Margherita Ligure and all the Tigullio Gulf.

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