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San Fruttuoso how to get there by ferry – Tutorial

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San Fruttuoso how to get there by ferry – Full Tutorial

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San Fruttuoso how to get there by ferry?

Moving to San Fruttuoso di Camogli by boat is a wonderful experience: a splendid sea trip in the open air to reach one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You have to see San Fruttuoso di Camogli at least once: will leave you breathless!

San Fruttuoso di Camogli - San fruttuoso how to get there
San Fruttuoso how to get there – Photo by the Ferry from Ivana Parmigiani, from our Gruppo Facebook

The marvelous Abbey, the small and splendid beach with crystalline, a few meters from the shore, the Christ of the Abyss: getting to San Fruttuoso by boat is one of those experiences that will remain indelible in your heart.

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Get to San Fruttuoso di Camogli by boat: that’s an incredible experience!

The list of good reasons to reach San Fruttuoso by Ferry could be… endless!

We explain you the most important, giving you some really useful advice!

The boat does not exclude a nice walk up to San Fruttuoso. If you love walking in nature, it is certainly a highly recommended experience.

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Battello San Fruttuoso - San fruttuoso how to get there
San Fruttuoso Ferry boat – Photo by Ina Zukauskiene, from our  Gruppo Facebook

You will enjoy a wonderful boat trip, in the open air, breathing fresh sea air.

With a bit of luck, you might also see dolphins appear, fiddling in the wake of the ferry or in its vicinity. When it happens, it is an indescribable emotion!

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San Fruttuoso Boat and walk – Some useful suggestions

▶ The first useful tip that we would like to give you (with all our heart) is this: if you want to take the walk up to San Fruttuoso, do it one way – and take the boat for the coming back.

The path to San Fruttuoso is really sloping and demanding, especially in the final part is a real “knee-breaker”.

After a day spent at the sea, or wandering around the Monte di Portofino, the uphill return is really tiring. It is just one of those things to avoid. Take the boat !!

San Fruttuoso Battello
San Fruttuoso ferry, late ’60 – How to get to San Fruttuoso

Always check the timetables of the boat, take a look about the last rides in the afternoon, usually around 7pm.

Do not miss the last race of the day. If you can, take the penultimate one. It’s even better!

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Use the buses! This is a suggestion for the many people who reach San Fruttuoso starting from San Rocco di Camogli.

It often happens that many reach San Fruttuoso, starting from San Rocco di Camogli, where they may leave their car or scooter to pick them up in the late evening.

So, if you go back to Camogli by boat DO NOT walk, but take the bus. Believe us, this is a great tip!

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How do the connections with San Fruttuoso in Battello work?

Boats to San Fruttuoso can be taken ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in Liguria. There are no other Extra-Regional connections.

Remember that there are no ferry lines to San Fruttuoso beyond Genoa, at the Porto Antico.

Therefore, for those coming from the north or west of Genoa, the first useful landing stage is Genoa.

San Fruttuoso battello
Two different landing stage for San Fruttuoso, with two different ferries companies

We recommend you to leave your car in one of the Genoa car parks (near the Porto Antico) and reach San Fruttuoso directly by boat.

In summer, we absolutely advise against “approaching by car” – perhaps in Recco or Camogli – to embark more closely.

Park the car is practically impossible. Rather, if you really want to get close, do it by train.

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San Fruttuoso how to get there by ferry – Where can you take the boat?

There are 2 boatmen companies that connect the different areas of Liguria to San Fruttuoso di Camogli, divided as follows:

Departures from Genoa and the Golfo Paradiso (Genoa, Nervi, Bogliasco, Recco, Camogli, Punta Chiappa)
Departure from Tigullio (Portofino, S. Margherita, Rapallo, Chiavari, Lavagna, Sestri Levante, Moneglia, Deiva Marina)

There is no a direct line connecting the Cinque Terre to San Fruttuoso.

However, it is possible by changing boats. We will explain everything, in detail, later in the reading.

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  • CHECK VERY WELL the ferries timetables, before organizing your trip to San Fruttuoso (we leave you all the necessary links below).
  • The races are more frequent in summer, rarer out of season and in winter, where they are suspended.
  • Boat rides are subject to weather and sea conditions: in case of storm and bad sea, they are suspended.

Take a look at the weather forecast when you organize your trip to San Fruttuoso by boat!

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From Genoa and Golfo Paradiso to San Fruttuoso in Battello

The Genoa – Golfo Paradiso – San Fruttuoso section is served by 2 lines of the Golfo Paradiso boat company.

It is possible to take tickets, both as a one way or as a day trip.

You can buy them directly upon boarding or, even better, reserve them online from the Company’s website.

Da Camogli a San Fruttuoso in battello
Leaving Camogli with the ferry to San Fruttuoso – Photo by Rosy Long, from our Gruppo Facebook

Departures with the Golfo Paradiso boats are possible from: Genoa Porto Antico, Nervi, Bogliasco, Recco, Camogli and Punta Chiappa.

The duration varies according to the distance from San Fruttuoso.

Starting from Genoa, you reach San Fruttuoso in about 1:45 h – while, from the nearest Camogli, the journey time is only 25/30 minutes.

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A NIGHT LINE is also available in summer, which however requires a minimum participation of at least 20 people.

For all other information and to learn more, you can directly visit the website:

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From Portofino, Rapallo and Tigullio to San Fruttuoso in Battello

The section that connects the Tigullio to San Fruttuoso is managed by the Tigullio Maritime Consortium and has 3 lines for San Fruttuoso di Camogli.

The boarding points are located in all the coastal towns of Tigullio, up to Deiva Marina.

Animals on board the ferries travel for free.

Below, you will find all the details of the lines to San Fruttuoso – click on the link to find out more!




(Departure from the dock of Deiva Marina at 1.30 pm – Reservations required at 0187-816525

For all other information, and to find out more, you can look at the website:

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San Fruttuoso how to get there by ferry – From CINQUE TERRE, LA SPEZIA, PORTOVENERE

As we anticipated before, there is no a real “direct” connection between the Cinque Terre, Portovenere, La Spezia and San Fruttuoso.

You must necessarly divide the journey into two parts, to reach San Fruttuoso.

We indicate two possible options: TRAIN + BOAT or BOAT + BOAT

Especially in summer, don’t move your car to reach a ferry landing.


1️⃣ The most recommended choice – both for simplicity and for the convenience of timetables – is to reach one of the departure locations by train, and then take the direct boat to San Fruttuoso – LINE 02 BIS – of the Service Boats Maritime of Tigullio.

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For example, the pier of the boats of Santa Margherita Ligure, in the center of the promenade, at 150 meters. from the station. It’s very easy to reach.

San Fruttuoso in Battello
Santa Margherita Ligure: ferries landing station, in the middle of the city

The useful municipalities are, in order: Deiva Marina> Moneglia> Sestri Levante, Lavagna, Chiavari, Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure, the last really convenient place for boarding (Photo ☝ above).

In fact, walking down from the Santa Margherita train station, you reach the landing stage in a matter of minutes: it is really very convenient, just about 150 meters.

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2️⃣ It is certainly longer and more difficult than the previous option, but the beauty of the trip is absolutely guaranteed.

▶ For the outward journey, it is possible to do the entire route by boat, making a stop halfway to change boat (and therefore boat company).

Coming from La Spezia – Portovenere – Cinque Terre, it is possible to reach Deiva Marina or Moneglia, with the boats of LINE 02 CINQUE TERRE (Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti ferries).

Get off at Deiva Marina or Moneglia. Here you can take the early afternoon ferry, directed to San Fruttuoso, of LINE 02 BIS – of the Tigullio Maritime Service Boats

▶ For the return, it is impossible to make the entire journey by boat.

We recommend you to take a ferry to one of the nearest towns, equipped with a train station – such as Recco, Camogli or Santa Margherita – and there take the first available train to return.

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