Portofino beach

Portofino beach – the best 3 beaches in Portofino!

Portofino beach – the best 3 beaches in Portofino!

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Before starting with the best 3 beaches of Portofino, a necessary explanation

Portofino, like other nearby towns, does not have a real beach, mostly the guests tend to go to the nearby Paraggi bay – 1.5 km far – which is nearly entirely part of Santa Margherita Ligure,  offering sandy beaches and crystal waters.

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Portofino spiagge

Paraggi Bay, is considered as the “Portofino beach”. Anyway, it is possible to have a swim in other 2 places, not far from the famous Piazzetta.

Portofino beach: let’s start with the best 3 beaches in Portofino! 👇

Portofino beach: Olivetta Beach

Olivetta beach is a small and lovely pebbled beach, surrounded by rocks. 

You can spot it while walking from the village to the lighthouse.

Portofino spiagge, Olivetta
The lovely Olivetta Beach

Once left the Piazzetta, take the pathway, go past the S.George church and the Castello Brown and, before reaching the lighthouse, on the left you will see some descending stairs.   

This place is beautiful and worth seeing. There is only sun in the mornings and it takes you from 20/ 30 min.. but it’s worth it!

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Baia del Cannone beach

Portofino is a rare jewel and so are its beaches.

Baia del Cannone beach is highly photographed both for the famous villa Mondadori, overlooking the bay, and for the magnificent yachts that moor in front of it.

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Baia del Cannone, Villa Mondadori, Portofino
Villa Mondadori (the yellow one) in Baia del Cannone

It is a real Paradise spot! 

Baia del Cannone beach is made up of tiny pebbles, it is bigger than” the Olivetta” beach, easier to reach and has sun nearly all day!

Its waters are transparent changing its colours according to the sky and the surrounding vegetation. It will leave you breathless!

You can reach the beach, either coming from Portofino or Paraggi.

Portofino spiagge - Baia del Cannone
Baia del Cannone beach

Walking on the main road, where the Piccolo Hotel is – you must be careful as no walking path – opposite to it, you will see a sign with written Free Beach (Spiaggia Libera) and a few narrow steps, which lead you down to it, in an instance!

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Paraggi Bay

This is absolutely one of the most spectacular places you can visit!

Its beautiful Caribbean Contest, white beaches and crystal waters, rich in its depth of Posidonia and all surrounded with luxurious Ligurian vegetation, makes Paraggi Bay Worldwide known!

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There are 3 Resorts and a little free beach, open from 7am to 7pm, offering a shower and a changing cabine. It is quite small, so it is very difficult to find a place!

Paraggi spiaggia, spiaggia di paraggi

There is quite a big car park (paid parking) to the back of the road. On weekends and high season, it’s difficult to find a place.

So it is better to reach Paraggi Bay by foot or bus, which are very frequent

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Niasca Beach in Paraggi Bay

On the way from Portofino towards Paraggi you will encounter Niasca Beach, a small sandy beach.

It is in a cove and you cannot miss it as for its emerald green waters.

Paraggi, Baia di Niasca
Emerald green water in Niasca little beach

You can reach it very easily, there are just a few steps down. Niasca Beach is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, you can also hire canoes and sup.

This is a perfect morning beach: has no sun in afternoons .

You can get to Niasca by foot from Portofino, following the Kiss Path, which takes you above road level, by bus or bike (or scooter)

There is no car park for cars.

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