Cinque Terre boat

Cinque Terre by boat – visit the Cinque Terre by sea

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Cinque Terre by boat – visit the Cinque Terre by sea

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How to get to the Cinque Terre by boat

Moving between and towards the Cinque Terre by boat is a wonderful experience: you can enjoy a splendid sea trip in the open air, and you have the chance to spot dolphins and cetaceans along the way.

All the villages of the 5 Terre have the landing stage for the Ferries, except Corniglia.

In addition to moving between the villages of the Cinque Terre by boat, it is also possible to reach the Cinque Terre by sea, starting from various areas of Liguria and the north of Tuscany.

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre by boat – Riomaggiore by the sea

▶ Continuing reading, you will find a 7 points complete guide to reach the 5 Terre by boat:

  • Advantages of taking the boat
  • The disadvantages of taking the boat
  • The connections in Liguria with the 5 Terre, by boat
  • Departures from Genoa and Golfo Paradiso
  • Departure from Tigullio
  • Connections from La Spezia and the Gulf of Poets
  • From Tuscany to the 5 Terre

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Cinque Terre by boat: there are really many advantages!

The list of reasons to reach the Cinque Terre by boat could be… endless! We explain the most important, giving you some useful advice!


Ligurian coast, with its particular natural conformation, is a unique and incredible sight from the boat.

Seeing the coasts and municipalities from the sea will give you a completely new point of view on Liguria, absolutely unexpected. You will really like so much.

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Sea and open air

Nothing gives happiness and a sense of freedom as much as the sea, lulled by the waves and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze.

It is absolutely wonderful to make the journey to Cinque Terre by train, admiring the view from the window.

But there is no comparison with the beauty of a journey by boat.


They are first class rascals! 🤣 Why are they rascals?

Simple: if you look for them, you’ll not see them: it always happens. 😅

When you have lost all hope, they pop up near the ferry and start playing with the waves of the propellers.

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Or, you can find them in small groups, wandering around here and there, not far from the ship.

They make themselves desired, but when they arrive, it is always an immense joy. Stay ready with camera and mobile phone!


Traveling by boat is also comfortable, you can choose whether to stay – outside or inside – above or below the deck.

Once you get on, you sit quietly up to your destination: you just have to… enjoy the journey!

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Cinque Terre by boat: costs

The costs of a boat trip to the 5 Terre are really excellent and competitive.

The average cost (by average cost, we mean an average between the rates of the various lines and the different companies) of a one-way trip is around 25 Euros. A complete trip is on 45/50 Euros at most.

These prices are little higher than the train, but they are certainly cheaper than the car. With the motorway and gasoline costs (not exactly cheap), you would definitely pay much more.

Once in a lifetime experience

There is no estimated value: a boat journey to Cinque Terre it is something wonderful. It is a unique experience we certainly recommend to everyone.

The pleasure of the boat and the sea, the wonder of the coasts and the surrounding landscape (and, with a little luck, some dolphins sightings), make it “one of those things to try, at least once in a lifetime!”

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Cinque Terre by boat: few disadvantages

As we have seen, there are really many advantages of reaching the Cinque Terre by boat. We give you the “complete picture”, whit the few disadvantages of a boat journey.


The boat trip can also be quite long. For example, from Genoa we exceed the hour and a half journey, almost 2 hours.

If you know you are not perfectly comfortable with the boat .. ❌ we advise you to avoid it. We don’t want your trip to turn out to be a pain! Opt for the train.

Reach the municipalities of the boarding points

This is very important when you’re planning a trip to the 5 Terre by ferries.

If your starting point is in the town where you live, or where you are staying on vacation, no problem. You are good.

If you reside or you’re staying in a municipality that is not a departure points of the boats, you have to reach these “embarkation” places.

In summer, we strongly recommend that you do this by bus or train. Don’t use the car. Parking in Liguria is really (really) complicated!

Rides are limited

Let’s specify: there are several trips during week and weekends (especially in summer) so, with the various boat companies, you will certainly find the best option for you.

However, you will not have the same frequency of departures and arrivals than trains. Always remember this, when organizing trips and transfers.

Suitcases and Bags

We often see tourists reach the Cinque Terre by boat, with large suitcases and bags. We do not tell you that’s impossible.

However, if your luggage is large – or you have a lot of bags, the train is certainly more comfortable.

In our experience, the boat is more suitable for “light” luggage.

Meteo-marine conditions

The boats are conditioned by the weather conditions, more of the wave motion than of the “sky”.

In case of rough sea, the service is suspended. Therefore, before planning your trips, also take a look at the weather forecast.

How do the connections with the Cinque Terre by boat work?

✔ The boats for the Cinque Terre can be taken ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in Liguria and in the north of Tuscany – in Marina di Massa, Marina di Carrara and Viareggio. There are no other Extra-Regional connections.

❌ Remember also that in Liguria, there are no ferry lines to the Cinque Terre beyond Genoa to the Porto Antico.

Come arrivare alle Cinque Terre via Mare

▶ Whether you are in Savona, Imperia or Ventimiglia, Milan or Turin, little changes: you must necessarily go to Genoa, to reach the nearest starting point, in this case the Porto Antico.

▶ Coming from the “south” of the Cinque Terre – for example Tuscany, Lazio etc. – the first available boarding point is located in Viareggio.


There are 3 boatmen companies that connect the different areas of Liguria to the Cinque Terre, and are divided as follows:

  • from Genoa, Camogli and the Golfo Paradiso
  • from Tigullio (Portofino to Sestri Levante)
  • from La Spezia and Portovenere

We always advise you to first check the timetables of the lines before organizing your trip. Remember that races are greater during the summer, while rarer out of season and in winter, where they are often suspended.

From Genoa and Camogli to the Cinque Terre by boat

The Genoa – 5 Terre section, passing through the Golfo Paradiso, is served by the Golfo Paradiso boat lines.

It is possible to take tickets, both as a single round trip or as a day trip. You can buy them directly upon boarding or, even better, reserve them online.

Departures with the boats of the Golfo Paradiso are possible from: Genoa Porto Antico, Nervi, Bogliasco, Recco and Camogli.


For all other information, you can directly visit the website:

From Tigullio to the Cinque Terre by boat

The section that connects the Tigullio to the 5 Terre, is managed by the Tigullio Maritime Consortium, and is equipped with 3 lines – specific for the Cinque Terre and its surroundings:

For all other information, you can look on the website:

Animals on board the ferries travel for free.

From La Spezia and Portovenere – to the Cinque Terre by boat

La Spezia and Portovenere to the 5 Terre – is served by the 5 Terre Maritime Tourist Consortium, Golfo dei Poeti.

Here you will find all the information on the 02 – Cinque Terre line.

Tickets can be purchased in person – at the departure ticket offices, or directly online.

For all other information on the 5 Terre Maritime Tourist Consortium – Gulf of Poets, you can take a look directly at the website:

From Versilia to the 5 Terre by boat

The Golfo dei Poeti – Cinque Terre boat line also connects the north of Tuscany to the Cinque Terre.

Departures are with LINE 03, from Viareggio, Marina di Massa and Marina di Carrara and reach Portovenere.

Once in Portovenere, you can change boat and continue to the Cinque Terre, embarking on LINE 02, line for the Cinque Terre villages.