Moneglia: 5 things you (absolutely) must see!

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Moneglia: 5 things you (absolutely) must see!

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Welcome to our COMPLETE GUIDE about Moneglia.

In addition to being famous for its wonderful ⛱ beaches, the beauty of its sea – Moneglia holds the Italian Blue Flag record, for the quality of the sea – is also a beautiful village, full of history and “things to see “.

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✔ Let’s start, with the 5 THINGS TO SEE IN MONEGLIA! 👇

You’ll also find the map, to find easily every place!

1️⃣ Chiesa di Santa Croce

The parish church of Santa Croce, in the eastern part of the town, was rebuilt in 1726, on the remains of the pre-existing and ancient parish church of the twelfth century.

Moneglia, chiesa di Santa Croce
Vista dall’alto di Santa Croce – Foto di Guy Elli, dal nostro Gruppo Facebook

On the external wall of the building, there are some rings of the chain, that closed at the entrance to the port of Pisa, exhibited as a trophy, taken by the Monegliese Trancheo Stanco, after the Genoese victory against Pisa, in the famous Battle of Meloria, in 1284.

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2️⃣ Chiesa parrocchiale di San Giorgio

The parish church of San Giorgio, located to the west of Moneglia, near the towering fortress of Monleone (you’ll read next).

It dates back to 1396, made by the Benedictine monks.

With an adjoining Franciscan cloister from the fifteenth century, it preserves valuable paintings and sculptures, dating back to between the 17th and 18th centuries.

One of the most important works inside, is the wooden group of “San Giorgio and the dragon”, made by the sculptor Anton Maria Maragliano and a painting of “San Giorgio killing the dragon“, attributed to Pieter Paul Rubens.

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3️⃣ Santa Maria Assunta

The parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, is a little outside, in the hilly hamlet of Lemeglio.

Moneglia, chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta
Santa Maria Assunta, di Dante Bergamini – Dal nostro Gruppo Facebook

It has been a parish since 1413, as stated by a notary deed of the time.

Inside, it preserves a painting attributed to the painter Domenico Piola (one of the main exponents of the Genoese Baroque), depicting the Madonna and Child with saints.

4️⃣ Fortezza di Villafranca

The Fortress (there is also a Tower) of Villafranca, in the east of Moneglia, was built by the Republic of Genoa, around 1130, to defend the local coast from attacks by Saracen pirates.

Moneglia, fortezza di Villafranca
Fortezza e torre di VIllafranca – foto di Armando Spinelli, dal Gruppo Facebook

This ancient defensive settlement, underwent several changes during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, due to the contrasts between the Genoese Republic, and the very powerful Malaspina family.

5️⃣ Fortezza di Monleone

The Fortress of Monleone – also known as Castello di Monleone – located on the western hill of Moneglia, was built by the Republic of Genoa, in 1173.

A year later, in 1174, it suffered a very strong siege, by the soldiers of Count Obizzo Malaspina, in alliance with the Fieschi and the Da Passano families.

Fortezza di Monleone
Castello Monleone – Foto di Bruna Rossetti, dal nostro Gruppo Facebook

Despite the great strength of the assailants, present in very large numbers, the fortress strongly resisted, until the arrival of reinforcements from Genoa.