Framura: what to see? Full Tutorial

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Framura is such a beautiful country: so beautiful that… there are five Framura!

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What you mean with “there are five Framura”? 🤔

Now we explain you..

The natural environment of this strip of Riviera di Levante is so fascinating that… instead of a single village, the inhabitants have decided to make even 5 of them. Wow!

Anzo di Framura
Framura (Anzo) – Photo by Carla Lanzone, from the Gruppo Facebook

In fact, there is no a real inhabited center called Framura.

There are instead 5 villages, located at different altitudes, with one thing in common. They all overlook the sea, which in this area, is truly wonderful, in any season, with any weather.

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These are the five beautiful places: AnzoSettaRaveccaCosta and Castagnola

Anzo, with its Genoese watchtower, is at the bottom, almost close to the railway station and the cliff. It cannot be defined inland, but the other villages can.

SettaRaveccaCosta and Castagnola are higher and surrounded by cultivated and flowery strips.

Setta (Framura) – Photo by Carla Lanzone, from the Gruppo Facebook

From the square of the church of San Martino in Costa, next to another medieval tower – in a sunny day, when the air is very clear – you’ll be able to see the promoters of the French Riviera.

The bell towers of churches and medieval or sixteenth-century watchtowers, rise over the five hamlets of Framura.

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All around, there is an almost vertical landscape of vineyards and pine holm oak woods, broken – here and there – by the gashes of the old red Levanto marble quarries. 

A nature of unforgettable beauty, loved by hikers – especially foreigners visiting also Cinque Terre.

Framura, Torre di Anzo
Ancient Anzo tower – Photo by Carla Lanzone, from the Gruppo Facebook

For those who love the Ligurian landscape, in its most “rugged and essential” aspect, as the famous poet ✍ Eugenio Montale used to say, in Framura they find something to be very satisfied with.

The name Framura

Today, there are almost no more mules, but some speculate that the name of this town derives from “ferra mula

Agostino Giustiniani said: Framura almost iron mule, because the streets are rough and stony.

Beach of Vallá e Arena – Photo by Alessandro Montefiori, from the Gruppo Facebook

In fact, it would seem to make sense. Just think about this..

How could they have transported materials, goods and people, from one of the 5 villages to the other, up and down to the small harbor, without these noble animals, before the invention of the internal combustion engine?