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Tigullio: Ten (and more) reasons for a Winter visit

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Tigullio: 10 (and more) reasons for a Winter visit

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Tigullio is always associated with Summer and crystal-clear sea, long days at the beach, and evenings spent out and about in our beautiful villages.

▶ Unfortunately, it’s not always summer…

We decided then to give you ten reasons why the Tigullio area is amazing in Winter too (without forgetting a dash of irony). 😉

1️⃣ Tigullio: You can find parking quite easily

As the car parks can be an actual struggle in Liguria and the Tigullio area, it seems proper to start talking about them.

Santa Margherita Ligure, Tigullio
Santa Margherita Ligure in November – photo by Antonella Chiesa from our Facebook Group

So just forget the 45 minutes spent looking for a free spot to place your car in for free, ending up inevitably paying a parking fee. Even because, also that is not always to be taken for granted!

From October on, finding parking is quite easy.

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2️⃣ Our food tastes differently

It is good to start by saying that our trattorias are just the best. They are a great pride in our territory. Just think about a plate full of steaming trenette al pesto, or pansoti (typical Ligurian pasta with basil sauce)?

Trofie al pesto
Trofie al Pesto, from our Facebook Group

In our opinion, you can taste them at their finest in Winter.

Also, how to forget our freshly baked Focaccia (typical Ligurian oil bread). Enjoying one of its slices can be really considered one of the small pleasures of life.

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3️⃣ The weather is warm, and you can have a sunbath also at Christmas in Tigullio

Despite the floods and heavy sea that occurred during the past Winters, we must be honest and say that Winters are never too cold in the Riviera.

Portofino, Faro di Portofino
Portofino in February – Paulo Silva, from our Facebook Group

Instead, we experience only a hand full of freezing days. On the 25th of December of some year ago, the temperature was even of 15 °C (59°F).

The splendid Winter days in the Tigullio area!

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4️⃣ The Christmas atmosphere

You name Christmas and cannot help but think about the sparkling lights of our villages. The scenario is crazy: all the palaces are framed with lights, music playing along the streets, events for children, and a cheerful atmosphere.

Santa Margherita Ligure Feste di Natale
Christmas atmosphere in Santa Margherita – photo by Alessandra Frumento from our Facebook Group

The city halls deserve recognition for all of this, as in the last years they have managed to make progress despite difficulties. The Christmas atmosphere in Tigullio is as good as the one in the mountains!

5️⃣ You can go for a walk…and find a free bench!

Tigullio seems to be custom-made by Mother Nature for the fans of trails and walks. Each one of our villages and cities offers amazing promenades, along which you can go alone or with your children.

Rocche di Sant'Anna, Sestri Levante, Tigullio
What a bench! Sestri Levante, Rocche di Sant’Anna

In Winter it is even more suggestive, and whenever you feel tired, you can quietly rest on a bench.

Have you ever tried sitting on a bench in August? We did more than once. They were all taken, and we ended up standing…

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6️⃣ Tigullio: Rediscovering our traditions

We have many monuments, lots of historical sites and places of interest, so much culture to show, that a full-time-year visit would not be enough to see all! Our inland is full of treasures as well.

Portofino, Chiesa del Divo Martino
Divo Martino Church in Portofino, Marisa Saragni from our Facebook Group

So, take advantage of the Winter season to visit churches, museums, libraries, or the slate mines. Discovering something new is always interesting, especially if we ignored its origins.

Have you ever visited the Lighthouse of Genoa? Just do it!

7️⃣ Visiting our beautiful Christmas Markets and nativity scenes

Setting up magnificent nativity scenes in our Churches is a centuries-old tradition. They are entirely functioning and complete with lights, water, motions, and much more. Also, the biggest and brightest nativity scene worldwide is in Manarola, one of the Cinque Terre.

Presepe luminoso di Manarola
Manarola, the biggest nativity scene in the world!

It is just a few kilometres away, so visiting is an absolute must-do! Not to mention the wooden houses and markets on the promenade: They give life to a magical and engaging Christmas atmosphere.

8️⃣ Discounts and giveaway prices

It is often said that Ligurians are not ones for splashing out money. We enjoy finding the best offers and lowest prices…so which better chance both for the natives and the tourists than taking advantage of Fall discounts and giveaway prices?

Not only will you be able to save a bit of money, but high-value items and treats and are there waiting to be found!

9️⃣ Stunning dawns and sunsets … with Corsica in view

Tigullio always gifts us fantastic scenarios: dawns and sunsets which look as if they were painted by an artist, clouds whose shapes and colors can leave us speechless (What about the photo below? Isn’t it just amazing?).

Sestri Levante, baia del Silenzio, Tigullio
Sestri Levante.. spectacular! Picture by Silvy Martino dal from our Gruppo Facebook

When Tramontane blows on bright sunny days, you may also spot the extremity of Corsica gazing at the sea. Even better if you go to the higher position possible. It is just astonishing!

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🔟 Visiting the weekly markets easily

Have you ever tried going through the stands of the weekly markets in Chiavari or Rapallo during July and August? If your answer is yes, you already know what we are going to say.

Tigullio, Chiavari
Weekly markets in Chiavari, picture by Dante Bergamini on our Facebook Group

It is a constant fight against hot, the pushes of fierce ladies in search of the most convenient deal, and people just randomly looking around. In Winter we can hang around in tranquility looking for the gems hidden between objects and clothes!

📢 Tigullio: Last but not least…point N. 11:

1️⃣1️⃣ You will not be stuck in the traffic on the highway!

Let’s forget the crazy summer scenarios, where kilometres-long lines stretch from Genoa to Sestri Levante.  In case of works in progress, the traffic is anyway always quite sliding. Toll booths exits in Chiavari and Rapallo may make a slight exception, but nothing exaggerated.

Therefore, for this and all the other reasons listed above…

We look forward to your Winter visit! 😉