Portofino how to get there from Genova

Portofino how to get there from Genova -Tutorial

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Portofino how to get there from Genova – Tutorial

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Portofino from Genoa how to get there – Complete guide to get to the most beautiful village in the world

Here is the complete guide on how to get to Portofino from Genoa, whether you want to take a day trip or a multi-day holiday in the “World famous Borgo”.

Portofino, piazzetta di Portofino
The splendid Piazzetta in the evening – Photo by Lolla Pensa from our Facebook Group

We will explain all the ways to reach Portofino from Genoa and be able to visit it in tranquility.

There are two really important things to know if you are planning your vacation to Portofino.

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Portofino how to get there from Genoa: some VERY useful tips!

✔ Portofino is truly beautiful in all seasons. Not only summer, but also spring and early autumn are two wonderful times to visit the Borgo.

May, early June, September and October are truly spectacular in Portofino. A little less November and February, the coldest and out of season months: all the shops and restaurants are closed.

Faro di Portofino percorso
Even in September, October and March Portofino is absolutely wonderful!

✔ Portofino how to get there from Genoa: in summer don’t use the car!

The car is the worst way to get to Portofino from Genoa, in summer (in winter and out of season, there is no problem).

Streets are narrow, there are no free parking spaces and the Municipal Parking fills up immediately. If you really have to use your car, park it in Santa Margherita (or in Paraggi) and reach Portofino on foot or by bus.

Don’t worry, we will explain everything later in the reading 😉

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Let’s start with the description of all the ways to get to Portofino from Genoa

We will follow this order: TRAIN – BOAT – TAXI – CAR and BUS.

An important thing about plane and the Colombo Airport in Genoa.

For those arriving in Genoa by plane, we recommend you to see this page where you will find all the services – taxi, bus, etc. – which allow you to get closer to Portofino.

At the airport info point, the information officers will be able to show you in detail all the options available at the moment.

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Portofino from Genoa how to get there by TRAIN

The train is THE RECOMMENDED way to reach Portofino from Genoa, especially in summer.

In summer, the number of trips is significantly increased: you will find (approximately) one ride every 30 minutes or even less.

A Portofino da Genova in treno, da Genova a Portofino in treno
Portofino how to get there from Genova: Genova Brignole Station – Photo by Marco Pellicani, from our Facebook Group

The main departure stations, where you can find the greatest number of trains, are Genova Principe, Genova Brignole and Genova Nervi. The journey takes approximately 1 hour.

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Portofino does NOT have its own railway station. You have to get off at the SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE/PORTOFINO train station.

Santa Margherita stazione ferroviaria
Santa Margherita train station (pink building on the right) just above the seafront – Photo by Dante Bergamini

Once in Santa Margherita Ligure, you have various options.

Outside the station, you will find both taxis and the bus stop. Otherwise, go down the stairs and reach the promenade in less than 2 minutes (photo above): you will find both the pier of the boats and the main bus terminal.

If you are sporty and you love to walk, we also recommend the splendid pedestrian promenade; or you can also rent an electric bicycle.

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How to get from Genoa to Portofino by BOAT

The boat is certainly the most beautiful way to get from Genoa to Portofino.

You will enjoy a wonderful boat trip, in the open air.

With a little luck, while gazing at the coast – you might even see dolphins appear, play in the wake of the ferry or in its vicinity. When it happens, it is truly an indescribable emotion!

Portofino da Genova battello, Porto antico Genova - Portofino how to get there from Genova
Portofino from Genoa, the embarkation of the boat – Photo by Alessandro Montefiori from the Facebook Group

This route is served by the boats of the Golfo Paradiso line: departures from Genoa are at the Porto Antico (the most convenient for those in the city) or in Genova Nervi.

Portofino, piazzetta di Portofino
What a view of the Piazzetta arriving by boat from Genoa!


We absolutely recommend this experience, truly unique and exciting, once in life. Furthermore, using this route, you will have the opportunity to visit Camogli as well.

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How to get from Genoa to Portofino by Taxi

Taxi is certainly the most expensive option among those, but it can be an excellent way in some situations.

You’ll find the taxi ranks outside the main railway stations of Genoa or you can call them by phone at number 5966 (Cooperativa radiotaxi Genova).

Ask them directly for prices (or if there is a fixed rate) and availability to reach Portofino.

Similarly, from Portofino you can take a taxi to return to Genova, or to reach other locations.

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How to get from Genoa to Portofino by car

Before explaining how to get from Genoa to Portofino by car, we need to explain how and where you can park.

In Portofino there are ❌ NO free parking spaces.

There is the Municipal Parking (hourly rate more than 5 Euros) and the small Park Capriccioli. The closest free car parks are near the Cervara Abbey (which we recommend you visit during the FAI Days).

As we said before, in winter and out of season there are absolutely no problems. Find a paid parking space in the Municipal Garage, or you can leave your car in the Paraggi car park – free out of the season – and walk to Portofino, along the splendid Walk of Kisses

In summer, everything is more complicated.

Unless you arrive early in the morning – or you have a reserved parking space – it is virtually impossible to park. Just think that in July and August there is not even a place for motorbikes!

So… what to do? Find a parking space in SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE and reach Portofino by bus, boat or on foot.

In Santa Margherita there are several paid parks (certainly less expensive than Portofino), so you will certainly find a place somewhere.

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The two ways to reach Portofino from Genoa by car.

There are 2 possibilities: the “Aurelia” coastal road or the motorway, up to the Rapallo exit, the closest to Portofino.

We explain the pros and cons of both choices. In any case, if you are on vacation and you are not in a hurry, we absolutely recommend taking the Aurelia: you will see all the towns of the coast. It’s magnificent!

HIGHWAY (Autostrada A12 Genova – Livorno)

▶ The highway (Autostrada A12 Genova – Livorno) is the quickest choice to get to Portofino. From the Rapallo exit, you have to follow the numerous indications for Santa Margherita and Portofino.

In normal traffic conditions, it takes about 15 minutes from here to Portofino. The problem is in the summer: at peak times and on weekends it could take up to 40 (even longer) minutes to reach Portofino by car, due to traffic.

Don’t be surprised if you take less time for the Genoa – Rapallo section… than for the short Rapallo – Portofino section. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is! 🤦‍♂️

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If you want to enjoy a unique experience, with breathtaking views, the Aurelia SS1 is the road for you!

It takes – from the center of Genoa – a minimum of 45/50 minutes. The Aurelia descends to Santa Margherita Ligure with a crazy view (photo below).

Da Genova a Portofino in auto
From Genoa to Portofino by car What a view when arriving in Santa Margherita with the Aurelia!

A few small suggestions

-The Ligurian roads are narrow: drive carefully in your lane and pay attention to the bus and tourist buses.

-When you are in the queue, leave space for the passage of the scooters which, as you will see, will overtake you everywhere!

–Respect the speed limits: you will find several speed cameras along the route.

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Portofino from Genova by BUS

Get to Portofino from Genoa by it is probably the most difficult option for a tourist, although it is very convenient after you learn “How it works”.

To reach Portofino from Genoa by bus, you have to change 3 BUSES line. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it may seem!

  • The departure of the buses for the coastal line is in Genoa, in front of the Brignole station, in Viale Caviglia. You need to take line 775 Genova Rapallo.
  • Once in Ruta di Camogli, we recommend that you get off and wait for the first bus arriving for Santa Margherita Ligure, line 773. Get on the bus and get off in the Santa Margherita Ligure seafront (the journey takes about 20/25 minutes)
  • From the terminus on the seafront of Santa Margherita, buy your ticket at the ticket office and than take the first bus available to Portofino.

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