Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure: Top 5 things to see (absolutely)

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Enjoy this little guide of Varese Ligure, one of the most beautiful villages in Liguria.

Ideal for an outdoor weekend or a day trip, Varese Ligure is a medieval village, well known all around the world, for its uniqueness, its biological setting, its beauty, its food .. and much more!

How to arrive in Varese Ligure.

✔ Varese Ligure is located few kilometers away from Tigullio and the Riviera.

It can be reached from Sestri Levante, continuing along the road that leads to Casarza Ligure. Passed the town of Casarza, continue for about 30 minutes, following the road signs.

✔ Coming from La Spezia, exit at the Brugnato tollbooth and continue along the Provincial Road 566, passing through Sesta Godano.

Are you ready?


1️⃣ “Borgo Rotondo”

The historic center of Varese is called Borgo Rotondo.

It was conceived by the Fieschi Family, feudal lords of Varese Ligure since 1161, who affirmed their control over this area, just at the center of the communication routes, between Parma area the Ligurian Riviera di Levante.

Varese Ligure, Borgo Rotondo
Borgo Rotondo – Picture by Dante Bergamini, from Gruppo Facebook

As can be deduced by the name, the Borgo is actually round (in Italian language Rotondo means Round 😇).

It’s composed by these typical houses – which you can see in the photo – overlooking a wonderful portico in classic Genoese style.

Varese Ligure, Borgo Rotondo
The Borgo Rotondo – Photo Staff

In ancient times, the market was held in the small central square of the Borgo. The houses were almost all the same, on two floors.

At the ground floor, under the arcades, were used as a warehouse or laboratory, while the upper floors, served as a dwelling.

There is still space, even today, for some artisan shops, a bar and a restaurant.

2️⃣ Grexino’s Bridge

Just outside Borgo Rotondo, you absolutely must see the sixteenth-century Ponte di Grexino, in Grecino’s district.

We tell you the truth: it’s truly beautiful! 😍

Varese Ligure, Ponte di Grexino
Grexino’s bridge – Photo by Marco Pellicani, from the Tigullio’s Facebook Group

Built in a single arch – up to the little Carovana stream, is serving one of the first urban settlements of the ancient Municipality.

Grecino, the homonymous river that crosses Varese Ligure, joins the oldest, to the new part of the village.

Varese Ligure
Picture by Marco Pellicani – from ours Gruppo Facebook

We recommend you – first of all, to take some photos – and then a walk, through the small paths between the ancient houses, right near the bridge.

You will surely be amazed, by such unexpected beauty.

3️⃣ The medieval Castle

Varese Ligure’s Castle, in the central square, was built entirely by stone, between 1435 and 1479.

It remained property of the Fieschi Family until 1547, the year of the conspiracy against Andrea Doria, chief of the Fieschis 

At that point, all the possessions of Fieschis passed to the Genoese Republic.

Castello di Varese Ligure
The Castle of Varese Ligure. Picture by Marco Pellicani – dal nostro Gruppo Facebook

In September 2016, the Castle was donated to the Municipality of Varese Ligure, by Angelo and Agnese Rossignotti, who inherited it from their parents, well-known industrialists in the confectionery branch.

It can be visited only in some occasions, or upon reservation.

During the Christmas period, for example, hosts a wonderful and unique nativity scene.

4️⃣ The little Lake

Few steps away from Borgo Rotondo and the Castle, just beyond the Grexino bridge, there’s a beautiful small lake. it a place to see?

Varese Ligure, laghetto di Varese Ligure
The small lake of Varese Ligure – Picture by Ina Zukauskiene, Gruppo Facebook

Very Simple: to enjoy five minutes, in nature, in relax, in peace.

The lake is actually very small, don’t expect something like 😅 Lake Como. It really is a little piece of haven.

Oh we almost forgot: there are little fishes inside.. and many children have fun, fishing them!

5️⃣ The wind turbines

There are many walks and trails near and around Varese Ligure.

Now we talk about the “Pale of the wind farm”, located almost on the top of “Passo di Cento Croci” – at Passo della Cappelletta, in one of the windiest points of the Ligurian / Emilian Apennines.

This place, can be reached by car, or also on foot, with a path (medium difficulty).

Varese Ligure, Pale eoliche
Wind turbines at Passo di Centocroci – Photo from the Gruppo Facebook

In addition to the charm of the plant itself, which is clearly visible in all its grandeur, even in the distance, we recommend you a visit up here, for almost two reasons.

First: for the wonderful 360 degree view on the surrounding valleys, Varese Ligure and the nearby hamlets.

Second: for the trails.

This point, is an important junction of many other routes, which continue towards Emilia Romagna and the other Ligurian mountains.

You’ll find all the information on the spot, in some info panels. 😉