Lavagna what to see

Lavagna what to see – Full Tutorial

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Lavagna what to see – Full Tutorial

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Lavagna what to see: let’s discover 5 truly unmissable corners!

This is our definitive guide on what to see in Lavagna, a must for your holiday in Liguria.

Lavagna is famous for its marina and for its hamlet, Cavi di Lavagna, with its huge sandy beaches, destination of thousands and thousands of bathers every year.

Not just the sea: there is much, much more in Lavagna! 😉

The splendid Lavagna, from above: how wonderful!

If you are planning a visit to this Ligurian town, try to see as many places as possible among these that we will describe, starting from number 1.

So: not only beaches and sea, but also many beautiful things to see!

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A premise in favor of Lavagna

Lavagna is truly a splendid little town, with a beautiful historic center, many beaches, a huge and wonderful hinterland, with hilly hamlets and incredible views.

Of all the towns in Tigullio, Lavagna it is probably the most underrated compared to nearby Chiavari and Sestri Levante.

Lavagna cosa vedere
Evening in Lavagna – Photo by Stefano Verbena, from our Facebook Group

We know for sure that many tourists only know Lavagna by name, only because it is located on the route between Chiavari and Sestri Levante.

Lavagna absolutely worth a visit, not just the passage. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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1 – Lavagna what to see: the Basilica of Santo Stefano, the Piazza and the Portico

A visit in Lavagna can only start from a unique place, which will literally leave you breathless.

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in Liguria and Italy.

Already from the photos, you can guess the beauty of this place, which turns out to be even more beautiful and exciting live.

Basilica di Santo Stefano Lavagna
Lavagna what to see: The splendid Basilica of Santo Stefano

It is a perfect combination with the imposing Basilica of Santo Stefano, slightly raised above the square, which you will see majestically in front of you.

On your left, the magnificent Porticato Brignardello, a practically unique structure in Liguria, with its magnificent columns.

Unfortunately, it is closed to the public and you cannot enter it, except for some events. No problem: we recommend one thing to do to appreciate it anyway..

Lavagna Porticato Brignardello, Basilica di Santo Stefano
Porticato Brignardello – Photo by Daniela Soncina, from our Facebook Group

Go up the stairs that lead to the churchyard of the Basilica and turn left.

You will have the beauty of the square and the alleys of Lavagna, right from the roof of the Porticato.

Lavagna will literally be below you!

lavagna cosa vedere, Chiesa di Santo Stefano
Lavagna what to see – steps to the Church of Santo Stefano

Go up the stairs and turn left, continuing over the Portico and enjoy the view.
And then the houses, all around, which give that “Ligurian touch” to the square.

Lavagna Piazza Marconi
The colorful houses of Piazza Marconi – Photo by Daniela Soncina, from the Facebook Group

Colored in the typical Genoese shades, with the typical shutters and the narrow shape (not very different from those of Portofino), high, to give a unique outline to this square.

Believe us, a visit to Lavagna must necessarily start from here. You will certainly be amazed by such great beauty.

2 – Lavagna what to see: the historic center

You can’t say you’ve been to Lavagna if you haven’t walked around the historic center.

With your back to the Basilica of Santo Stefano, in front of you there is the splendid Via Dante, a typical Genoese street, with a splendid arcade and its typical shops.

Lavagna cosa vedere
Via Dante – What a sight the streets of Lavagna, all to see!

We also suggest you to walk to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the main square of the city, where you will find the fruit and vegetable market every day, from 7.00 to 13.00.

On Thursday morning, you will also find all the stalls of the weekly market, always from 7.00 to 13.00.

lavagna cosa vedere, centro storico
Lavagna historic center – Photo by Andrea Esposito Ph, from the Facebook Group

Small alleys, arcades and cute little shops that hide where you least expect. This is Lavagna.

Turn around in the city and enjoy every second of this wonderful Ligurian atmosphere.

3 – Piazza del Comune and the waterfront

After you visited the historic center, we recommend you to go down towards the sea, passing through the main town square – Piazza della Libertà.

This square is a bit of a meeting point for locals and tourists, sitting at the tables of the bars for breakfast, to enjoy an aperitif with friends or a good ice cream.

Lavagna cosa vedere - Piazza del Comune
Aperitif in Piazza della Libertà – Photo by Piergiorgio Chino, from the Facebook Group

If you are not in a hurry, enjoy this magnificent square too.

When you have finished, go towards the sea and, on the left side of the square, you will see the Sottopasso sign.

Lavagna cosa vedere - Sottopasso
Here is the underpass that leads you to the seafront of Lavagna – Photo Google Maps

Take these ladders and you will be on the other side of the road beyond the railway, on the seafront of Lavagna.

Looking towards Chiavari, you will find the marine port, with its large gardens, where you can walk and stop on the benches.

Here there’s also a play area for children, fountains and some small shops.

Lavagna Porto di Lavagna
The gardens of the Port of Lavagna – Photo by Daniela Soncina, from our Facebook Group

Turning instead in the “direction of Sestri Levante”, begins the long promenade by the sea, right above the beaches and the sandy shore, parallel to the railway and the carriage road.

Lavagna cosa vedere - lungomare
You can also do gymnastics! Photo by @ lu.cia6917 with #iltigullio on Instagram

This walk – Lungomare Labonia, starts from the local Chez vous, passes the train station and continues for almost a kilometer, until it reaches the Ziki Paki baths, where it ends.

We have practically arrived in Cavi di Lavagna.

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4 – Cavi di Lavagna: Cavi Borgo and the beaches

Lavagna what to see? The village (hamlet) of Cavi di Lavagna!

We can distinguish it, for simplicity, in two main areas: the oldest part, called Cavi Borgo and the modern one, consisting of 4 kilometers of beaches, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Cosa vedere a Lavagna - Cavi di Lavagna
Cavi di Lavagna beach- Photo by Emanuela Callegari, from our Facebook Group

Cavi di Lavagna is a hamlet of about 400 inhabitants (in the summer there are at least 5 times as many) served by a train station, very convenient especially in summer, for going to the beach

Simplifying a lot, we can define Cavi di Lavagna as the stretch of road between Sestri Levante and “Lavagna village”.

Coming from Sestri Levante, you will first meet Cavi Borgo, on your right, and then the station on the left, after about 700 meters.

Cavi Borgo

Cavi Borgo was born as a tipical small fishing village.

It is assumed (but there is no absolute certainty) that the name “Cavi” can be traced back to “quarries”, referring to the slate quarries located inland.

Lavagna cosa vedere - Cavi Borgo
The colorful houses of Cavi Borgo – Photo by Paolo Macelloni, from our Facebook Group

In the village – which is located on the “mountain” side of the road – you will find some small shops, open especially in summer for the tourist season, a grocery store, bars, some restaurants, a hotel and other accommodation facilities.

There are relaxation areas with benches, games for children and some underpasses to get “beyond” the road and the railway, reaching the beach.

Cavi di Lavagna - Cavi Borgo

Just outside Cavi Borgo, easily reachable on foot, we recommend you to visit the parish church of the Santissima Concezione.

Built in 1757, it was born as a branch of the parish of Santa Giulia di Centaura, from which it became independent in 1797 at the behest of the archbishop of Genoa Monsignor Giovanni Lercari.

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Cavi di Lavagna “Beach”

The Cavi di Lavagna beach is almost 4 kilometers long: it is sandy and very popular in summer.

We can say – without doing wrong to the other places – that in Cavi di Lavagna there is the greatest tourist offer in the Tigullio, especially for the beaches.

Lavagna cosa vedere - Cavi di Lavagna
Cavi beach, in winter – Photo by Daniela Soncina, from our Facebook Group

We find free beaches, equipped beaches and high level establishments – but also bars, discos and restaurants on the sea.

To spend a whole day at the beach, Cavi is ideal – even with children. The sea is crystal clear and the beaches are easy for everyone.

Along the straight of Cavi di Lavagna, there are some underpasses which, from the road, descend under the railway and lead directly to the beach.

Lavagna cosa vedere
Cavi di Lavagna, beach – Photo by Patrizia Bertolacelli, from the Facebook Group

The most convenient car parks (if you are lucky) are along the roadside, or in the nearby parking lot of the municipal swimming pool.

Don’t worry: you can also take the train, or the buses, really comfortable.

5 – Entella riverside and slate pedestrian cycle

For the fifth and final point of Lavagna what to see, we go back to the opposite side of Cavi di Lavagna.

We move right to the border between Lavagna and Chiavari. The two towns are “divided” from each other by the Entella river, which flows into the sea.

Lavagna cosa vedere - Lungo fiume Entella
Entella river: Lavagna on the right, Chiavari on the left – Photo by Luca Roggero, from the Facebook Group

Right in the area where the river reaches the sea, there’s a wonderful pedestrian area, with lots of greenery and numerous benches to sit in the sun or under the shade of the trees

You can admire the river, with its fish and the incredible wildlife variety of Entella, with wonderful birds, flamingos, herons, swans and ducks, just to name the best known.

Lavagna cosa vedere
The Entella riverside – Photo by Lolla Pensa, from our Facebook Group

This area is truly splendid: we absolutely recommend that you spend at least an hour in tranquility, enjoying the view.

Above the river, you will see in front of you the splendid Chiavari, which you can easily reach in two minutes on foot, crossing the bridge over the river.

The Ardesia Cycle Route

If you love cycling in the midst of nature, here we have what is right for you: in the gardens of via Eraldo Fico Virgola begins the Ardesia Cycle Route.

The Ardesia Cycle Route is a cyclical route (the first section is also a pedestrian one) of about 30 kilometers, which from Lavagna goes up along the Entella river in Val Fontanabuona, the valley in the hinterland of the Tigullio, known as the Ardesia valley.

In fact, this splendid valley is famous for the precious slate productions, known all over the world and for the numerous furniture factories in the area.


Going up parallel along the Entella river, the cycle path leads in order to the municipalities and hamlets of Carasco, San Colombano, Calvari, Monleone, Cicagna, Ferrada and Gattorna.

Some sections of the Ardesia Cycle Route are suitable for everyone – especially the beginning, up to Carasco – even families with children.

Ciclovia dell'Ardesia
The Ardesia Cycle Route, Ponte della Maddalena height – Photo by Daniela Soncina, Facebook Group

Other sections are recommended for more experienced cyclists, with suitable bicycles, such as mountain bikes.

In some sections, the route leans on the main road or on secondary lanes, to get up to Gattorna.

In any case, don’t worry: you will find numerous brown signs along the route, which indicate the path of the Ardesia Cycle Route with arrows.