Recco what to see - Recco what to do

Recco what to see and what to do – Full Tutorial

Recco what to see and what to do – Full Tutorial

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Recco what to see and what to do: let’s discover 5 places to see absolutely!

This is our definitive guide on what to see and what to do in Recco, this tiny Ligurian city with its wonderful corners, which make it attractive and beautiful to visit.

Recco is certainly famous for its typical dish, the RECCO CHEESE FOCACCIA and for the very famous waterpolo club, the Pro Recco.

But there is so much more to see and to do in Recco!

Focaccia di recco
Recco cheese Focaccia in preparation!

If you are planning a visit in Recco, in addition to tasting the wonderful cuisine, remember to visit as many places as possible among them.

So, not only good food and sports – but also many beautiful things to see!

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A necessary premise about Recco

Recco was severely damaged – over 90% of the original urban settlement – in the Second World War – by the Allied air raids, between November 1943 and June 1944.

The target of the bombings, which caused many victims, was the railway bridge that overlooks the city.

Recco, cosa vedere
Recco what to see – The railway bridge, today – Photo by Arbri Allushaj, from the Facebook Group

This premise is necessary, because Recco has a completely different style from the neighboring towns, such as Camogli and Sori, which have a marked classic Genoese style.

In the post-war reconstruction, we find very few traces of this ancient style, typical of the Ligurian villages: only in Mulinetti and few others parts.

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Recco what to see: the seafront

A day in Recco must start from the seafront, certainly the busiest part of the town.

The sandy beach of Recco is a meeting point for many surf lovers, even in winter. It is rare to find the seaside water without some young sportsmen.

Passeggiata Recco Camogli, lungomare di Recco
The sandy beach of Recco, in the background, on the left, the swimming pool of Punta Sant’Anna

To the west, the promenade is “delimited” by the Punta Sant’Anna swimming pool, stadium of the Pro Recco waterpolo team (in the photo above, on the left), which overlooks the beach and the mouth of the Recco stream.

To the east, we find the Tenco gardens, which overlook the boats storage area.

Recco cosa vedere, Baia dei Frati
Baia dei Frati – in the west side of Recco seaside – Photo by Raffaella Costa, from our Facebook Group

After the boat pier, we suggest you to continue for a few tens of meters to reach the “Baia dei Frati” beach, one of the most beautiful places for swimming in Recco (together with Mulinetti – we will talk about later).

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In Recco seafront you will find everything you need to have fun and spend pleasant moments: aperitifs, bars, ice cream, shops, restaurants and games for children.

We absolutely recommend you, both to enjoy a slice of Focaccia al Formaggio (or a typical “focaccetta”) just out of the oven sitting on the beach.

Try also the wonderful ice creams – that the two “historic ice cream parlors” in Recco produce with enormous success since generations.

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Recco what to see: Mulinetti

You cannot say that “you have been to Recco”, if you have not seen Mulinetti.

Mulinetti is a fraction of Recco (the others are Ageno, Carbonara, Collodari, Corticella, Cotulo, Faveto, Liceto, Megli, Polanesi, San Rocco, Verzemma) known as the most beautiful seaside of the town.

Passeggiata Recco Mulinetti, spiaggia di Mulinetti
Mulinetti seaside, very nice for swimming in summer. See the typical Genovese houses in the back

It can be easily reached on foot, in less than 10 minutes from the center of Recco. It has a small nucleus of houses in typical Genoese style, as well as numerous beautiful villas overlooking the sea.

The coast is rocky: the sea here is wonderful and you will find many access areas for swimming, as well as large rocks where you can take a sunbathe.

Mulinetti also has its own small railway station, testifying to the large influx of bathers and tourists. In summer, many trains stop here. Otherwise, you can get off at the nearby Recco station, and reach Mulinetti on foot, in a few minutes.

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MEGLI hamlet

From the seafront and from the center of Recco, looking upon the western side, you can see just above the hill, the wonderful hamlet of Megli.

Megli is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Recco, with an incredible view on the Golfo Paradiso coast, among olive trees and mimosas (in spring).

Megli, chiesa di Megli, Recco
The church of N.S. delle Grazie in Megli – Photo by Arianna Vicini, from our Facebook Group

Not to be missed in Megli, the three-nave church of Nostra Signora delle Grazie.

In addition to the beauty of the church itself, you will be amazed (astonished, believe us, is the right word!) by the view that can be enjoyed from here.

In fact, the church of Megli has always been highly sought after for wedding functions.

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Megli can be reached by car (be careful, the road is narrow in some places), with the small buses that connect the hamlet to Recco, and on foot, through two paths.

From here, some paths also continue reaching the surrounding hills of Recco, Sori and Pieve Ligure.

Megli sagra delle focaccette
Focaccette Festival in Megli – Photo by Daniela Camoirano, from our Facebook Group

Last thing, very important!

Megli is famous for the “Festival of Focaccette with cheese” which takes place here every year, a fixed appointment on Easter Monday – and the two following Sundays – for Ligurians and tourists.

Don’t miss it: these huge Focaccette with cheese are simply fabulous!

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The Cathedral of Our Lady of Suffrage

Among the things to see in Recco, you can’t miss a visit to the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora del Suffragio (1700).

To reach the church you have to leave the seafront and walk along Via Roma for about 300 meters, in the “north direction”.

The Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Suffragio was built in the mid-18th century.

The interior consists of a single nave, built in the Baroque style. Inside there are remarkable stuccoes on the walls, dated to 1771 and representing the Assumption and biblical subjects. Other poly-chrome stucco depict the twelve Mysteries of the life of the Virgin Mary, replacing the traditional Stations of the Cross.

Cosa vedere a Recco, Nostra Signora del Suffragio
Sanctuary of Nostra S. del Suffragio – Photo by Caterina Guerisoli, from the Facebook Group

Above the altar there is a statue, dedicated to the Madonna and believed to be of Byzantine origin. The sculpture, portrayed with the Infant Jesus in her arms and a golden branch from which a rose blooms in her left hand, was covered in the 17th century with precious cloths

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What to see in Recco? Simply enjoy Recco!

Recco is a small town close to the motorway exit, well served, happy for its proximity to nearby towns and with many services: walk around it, enjoying it calmly.

Whether it is summer or winter, it is nice to take a walk under the arcades of the town, looking at the splendid shop windows, passing in front of the myriad of ovens that with their scents seem to call you out loud.

Cosa vedere a Recco - Recco what to see
The pier of Recco, from which the boats leave – Photo by Elena Movila, from our Facebook Group

Recco is like this: a walk, a slice of Focaccia enjoyed on the beach, under the sun, perhaps in company.

Alone or as a couple, as a family, with children or with your 4-legged friends, Recco is the perfect place to spend a nice day.

It is not as beautiful as Camogli, but it has its own particular charm, you eat well and make you happy. It is the whole that works, all together.